Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do I HavE tO CrY FoR yoU...

don'T waNNa ClosE thE DooR
Don'T WannA gIvE it UP
doN't waNNa fiGHt nO MOre
we'LL fiND a WaY arOUNd iT
whERe's tHE LOve we HAd
we Can MAke iT laST
TEll me wHAt I goTTA do
TeLL me WhaT You WaNNa Do
'CausE I can'T liVE mY LifE thE wAy yOU wANt mE tO
You KNoW i can'T gO On LiviNG liKE wE dO
Do I haVe tO CRy foR You... Do I haVE tO cRY for YOu

teLL me WhaT iT's For
If theRE's No WinnER In iT
NObody'S kEEpinG scoRE
Let'S stART FRom thE beGinniNG
caN we MAke iT laSt witH tHE loVe wE HAd
Do I GottA sTANd In tHE ColD DarK NIghT 'Til THe MORningLighT
Do I Have tO sAy I Won'T leT yOU geT AwaY...

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